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About Us

Your Every Visit Will Be Memorable

Stouff is the traditional method of referring to wood or charcoal-fired cook stove in the Beirut highlands, which is frequently used for cooking and heating meals in rural homes. Meals are more flavorful and delicious when they are cooked over wood. The scent of food cooked on a wood-burning stove adds to the excitement before it reaches the plate. The most essential thing is to bring authentic flavours and recipes to the table.

What We Offer

Open Fire Cooking

Stouff Beirut’s concept is to provide the experience of eating together while tasting elevated flavours cooked in an open fire kitchen.


To offer a unique culinary and entertainment experience by combining traditional recipes with modern techniques and creating dishes that showcase the flavors of Lebanon with passion and respect for tradition.


To become one of the most sought-after Lebanese restaurants in the UAE while maintaining high standards of quality and service through our signature open-fire kitchen.